Sep 5, 2014

Gloompuff Girls Poster

Film poster idea for Ruby Gloom as the Powerpuff Girls.

Baby Shower

An illustration I made in sketchbook for a baby shower.

Make Up Logo

Apr 12, 2014

Raw Canvas

Went out with a girlfriend to a place called Raw Canvas.
You select a canvas size, eat fancy cheese, drink wine and then
all the acrylic paint and tools you need!
Very fun!

Apr 9, 2014


More sketching while I relax with a movie.

Apr 7, 2014

Jan 6, 2013

The Flash Paco

This here is Paco. He is the budgie of Sir Edgar Allan Poe.
He appeared in a single episode of Ruby Gloom that we animated and is a
relative of Poe's.
I painted this with gouache on canvas for my friend Holly's birthday.
She animated majority of the Paco scenes and loves the little bird.
Also her being a big fan of the Flash...well I had to.

Dec 8, 2012

The Count

Here is one of the images I created for a 30 day monster challenge I particpated in
back in October.
This one was my favorite so I'm putting it up on my blog.
The theme for this day was Favorite Monster Character.
I sketched the rough in my sketchbook then painted it in my watercolour book
with Crayola watercolour for kids. Who needs to buy
fancy expensive paint!?

Two! Two ghostly friends! Ah ah ah!

Aug 27, 2012

Koki's Pocketful of Sunshine

Koki's Pocketful of Sunshine from Jenn Hagman on Vimeo.
This little clip was done while I was an FX artist at Wild Kratts Co.
I had some down time in the studio waiting for scenes to come into our department so I decided to play around with some character animation. I had always like the look of Koki the best and wanted to see what I could do with her build.
This is the result, haha. It was fun to do something silly.
But this video is not associated with the Kratts Brothers Co, PBS Kids or Natasha Bedingfield.
It is simply for fun and non profit. A simple peek into the behind the scenes of a production studio. A 'what do animators do in their spare time'? Well we animate of course!

Jun 11, 2012

Wedding History Animation from Jenn Hagman on Vimeo.
I was asked to create the history slideshow/video for a very good friend of mine.
I added an animated finale at the end of it with an FX twist.
Here is a little bit of the animation I came up with.
This was all done using Harmony and a cintiq.
The whole video was just shy of 12 minutes and took about 4-5 days to do.
Hope you enjoy.

Also the song snippet is from the song Two is Better Than One by Boys like Girls ft Taylor Swift.